Paw Prints by Denni Day

Denni Day’s experience in clinical research spans almost thirty years and virtually every indication. There are few problems that she has not seen…and solved. She is an active member of AHI and GADA, writes frequently for various trade publications, speaks at many industry conferences, and has lectured at CVM.

Ten Tips To Tremendous Trials #5: Proactive Subject Recruitment – A Continuing Series

Welcome to the fifth installment of this series! The goal of each article in this series is to improve the quality of all clinical trials by reminding you, the reader, of another important step that will increase the likelihood that your next study will be completed on time, within budget, and with a minimum of complications.

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Become a VetPharm Investigator

VetPharm’s consortium of prequalified, experienced study investigators includes more than 2,200 private-practice and university-affiliated veterinarians from all across the United States.  We welcome dedicated veterinarians with large patient populations who are sincerely interested in advancing the health and well-being of their clients’ companion animals.  Past clinical trials experience is not required, but an ability and willingness to follow study protocols precisely is.  For each new study, we provide generous compensation, thorough training, helpful study monitors, and a complete team of VetPharm project personnel who support you and your staff with effective recruitment strategies, pet owner education and training, and all administrative details.

  • Access to cutting edge therapies.
  • Free treatment for your clients.
  • Additional practice revenue.
  • Opportunity to interact with other investigators.
  • Challenging and rewarding diversion from daily routine.

If you are interested in advancing treatment for companion animals by becoming a clinical trial investigator, please use the button below to complete the form on the next page and we will contact you to discuss your interests and upcoming opportunities.