VetPharm started as a dream…

Denni Day has been “nuts” about animals since early childhood. Breed or size never mattered; she loved them all. Whenever anyone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer always was the same — “a veterinarian!”

She came close to realizing her dream when she was accepted at a leading veterinary school. But severe allergies derailed those plans. Undeterred, Denni redirected her passion toward human care, serving patients as a registered nurse for over ten years.

As her career developed, Denni gained experience in hospital administration and, later, in clinical consulting with a major accounting firm. Eventually, she became a faculty member in the School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Rochester. It was there that Denni became involved in numerous clinical trials and soon recognized the need for modern management techniques in that industry. So, she created and directed a university-affiliated clinical trials organization, recruited over 1,400 community-based physicians as study investigators, and managed seven major trials during the organization’s first year of operation.

In the meantime, Denni’s love of animals was focused on her six English Springer Spaniels. After losing three of those beloved companions to idiopathic epilepsy, Denni began to contemplate a career shift. She was determined to find a remedy for this and other animal disorders. From this resolve, Denni distilled a plan to combine her medical and pharmaceutical background in a new career dedicated to animal health.

Denni discussed her idea with her personal veterinarian and with a friend whose family had co-founded a major human pharmaceutical contract research organization. Both encouraged Denni’s plan. Her veterinarian already had participated in several clinical studies with various pharmaceutical companies and saw the need for more organized study administration. Her friend knew of the growing demand for animal health pharmaceuticals and recognized the business potential. VetPharm was born in these early discussions.

Today, VetPharm is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical, nutrition, nutraceutical, and device companies gather, in an efficient and cost-effective way, the resources and information that will lead to early development (and, if required, prompt regulatory approval) of new therapies to treat animal diseases and disorders.