…because they are not just animals.

VetPharm’s sole purpose is to enhance the health and well-being of all companion animals. For many people, an animal is a loyal friend. For some, they are treasured members of the family. For others – like breeders, farmers, and ranchers – they are valuable assets. Whatever these animals are to their owners, they deserve the highest quality of care. VetPharm’s goal is to assure that such care is delivered in every new veterinary product.

We achieve our goal by:

  • Creating Smarter Studies – To execute smarter clinical studies by drafting protocols that are easier to follow and designing data forms that minimize data entry error.
  • Connecting Sponsors with Investigators – To link pharmaceutical, nutrition, nutraceutical, and device companies that are developing new veterinary products with experienced veterinary investigators nationwide.
  • Testing for Safety and Efficacy – To help ensure that each new medicine, nutraceutical, nutritional product, and medical device is thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy prior to introduction.
  • Reporting All Side Effects – To objectively report and thoroughly document any side effect observed during a clinical trial – no matter how modest – because that is the right, honest, and ethical thing to do.
  • Speeding New Therapies to Market – To accelerate the development and introduction of new therapies by completing clinical trials as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We do all of these things because time is short for the animals…and time is money for our sponsors.