A pedigree of innovation, value, and excellence.

VetPharm was founded in April 2000 to provide testing services to pharmaceutical, nutrition, nutraceutical, and device companies developing new products for the veterinary market. These testing services range from simple, single-site palatability studies (“taste testing” of new products with proven safety and effectiveness) to complex, multi-site clinical trials (tests to determine the safety and efficacy of new, unproven products). VetPharm’s proprietary procedures:

  • Ensure complete and accurate data
  • Boost subject enrollment
  • Accelerate regulatory approvals

A Proven Process

The development of a new veterinary product is science, and our sponsors are expert at that. The management of a clinical trial, however, is process. VetPharm has spent almost twenty years perfecting a comprehensive study management process that delivers complete and accurate data, on time, and within budget.

All studies are conducted by VetPharm-affiliated private-practice or university-associated veterinarians. Each veterinarian is thoroughly trained on the protocol and then closely supervised and supported by an experienced VetPharm field monitor. Monitors assist the study site staff with patient enrollment, data collection, test article accountability, and record verification. They also perform the first level of 100% form field data review.

VetPharm headquarters staff provide a second level of 100% form field data review, inspect all records, route and record all correspondence, and administer all site payments. Throughout each study, the VetPharm study team keeps the sponsor project team fully informed via weekly status reports and frequent teleconferences.

A Complete Menu of Support Services

VetPharm offers a full range of clinical trial support services, in both the United States and Europe, including protocol development, data form design and testing, investigator recruitment and training, site qualification, enrollment enhancement, study administration, site monitoring, data management, biostatistics, medical writing, and regulatory support. VetPharm will tailor a package of services to meet the needs of the sponsor, and we can add or delete services as requested.

Study Rescue

From our very first trial, VetPharm has helped sponsors get existing trials back on track. In different instances, we have supplemented and supported the sponsor’s project team, recruited and managed additional study sites, provided extra field monitors, partnered with an existing CRO, or assumed full responsibility for the trial from another provider. Whatever the need may be, from investigator recruitment to study report writing, VetPharm is ready to help.

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