Healthier animals…our reason for being…and a spirit that permeates everything we do.

Our guiding philosophy comprises five simple concepts:

  1. The four-legged creatures who share our lives are not just animals. Whether they are loyal companions, treasured members of our families, or valuable assets, they deserve the very highest quality of care.
  2. High quality care depends on the introduction of new veterinary therapies that have been rigorously tested and thoroughly documented so that veterinarians can prescribe them with confidence.
  3. Our sponsors deserve complete and accurate data, delivered on time and within budget, so they can introduce safe and effective therapies as quickly as possible.
  4. Speed is of the essence because time is short for the animals and time is money for our sponsors.
  5. The quest for perfection is essential…and endless.

We aim to establish a new, higher standard of clinical trial conduct that embodies these five concepts. The animals…and our sponsors…deserve no less.