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Ten Tips To Tremendous Trials #2 – A Continuing Series

Welcome to the second installment of my new series! The goal of each article in this series is to improve the quality of all clinical trials by reminding you, the reader, of another important step that will increase the likelihood that your next study will be completed on time, within budget, and with a minimum […]

Ten Tips To Tremendous Trials – A Continuing Series

Almost ten years ago, I ran across a very disturbing statistic: 90% of all clinical trials experience significant delay! At first, I deemed it the exaggerated wailing of a disgruntled researcher. However, as I spoke with research directors and project managers across our industry, I came to understand that it was unfortunately true. But why?

Leadership Skills of Extraordinarily Successful Executives – Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of Extraordinarily Successful Leaders! As I explained in my introduction to Part 1, I had long wondered why certain companies in our industry were very successful while others were not. Over time, I uncovered a host of reasons. However, a common factor that appeared in almost every case was effective […]

Leadership Skills of Extraordinarily Successful Executives

A recent focus of inquiry has been why certain companies are very successful while others are less so. As you might expect, the answer is a combination of factors, some common across the field while others are more specific to individual companies. However, a key determinant, evident in almost every case, is effective leadership at […]

Trust Me

In “Gaga Over Clinical Research” (June 3, 2001), I noted that, while all investigators are good veterinarians, not all veterinarians make good investigators. Some have practices that are too small. Others are too busy. A few would participate in clinical trials for the money but, otherwise, don’t care. Some like the idea but can’t seem […]

The Heart of the Matter – Having Ridden the Veterinary Learning Curve, Where To Next?

In the February issue’s article, Riding the Veterinary Learning Curve, I noted the influence of study training on investigator performance and explored the connection between investigator learning styles and study training effectiveness. I also summarised the comments of eleven current and former veterinary school professors (who had been recommended by thirteen practising veterinarians I had […]

A Query Named Matilda

Good Clinical Practice guidelines (VICH GL9) Section 8.3.1 requires that all raw study data, “whether handwritten or electronic, be attributable, original, accurate, contemporaneous, and legible.” “Original and accurate means the raw data are the firsthand observations.” “Contemporaneous means the raw data are recorded at the time of observation.” “Legible means the raw data are readable […]