Veterinary Clinical Trials Management

At VetPharm, we don’t cut corners. We turn them.

VetPharm’s unique and comprehensive study management process delivers exceptional, timely results on every clinical trial. Here’s why:

Nationwide Investigator Consortium

VetPharm already has a study-ready pool of experienced investigators. We prequalify every potential affiliate by training, experience, specialty, areas of interest, and overall professionalism. We also confirm that each investigator has a modern, well-equipped facility with a dedicated and competent staff.

Prior to each study, participating investigators receive extensive protocol training. They also must demonstrate a working knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and pass VetPharm’s proprietary online GCP examination. Every VetPharm investigator meets the requirements described in 21 CFR, Parts 510, 511, and 514.

Proven Study Management Procedures

All study activities are conducted in strict compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and VetPharm SOPs. Each aspect of every trial is managed and triple-checked by experienced and specially-trained VetPharm personnel. VetPharm administers all investigator subcontracts, monthly site payments, and all other site management. We also coordinate all test article shipments, all study communications, and all site monitoring visits. This high level of attention relieves sponsors of virtually all administrative burdens, freeing them to focus on the science of the trial – not the details.

Timely Delivery of Superior Clinical Data

VetPharm provides comprehensive oversight and diligent monitoring of all study activities to ensure that complete and accurate data are delivered on time, every time. VetPharm’s weekly status reports keep sponsors informed, and our 24/7 investigator support documents all AEs and SAEs within 24 hours of their occurrence.

At VetPharm, we take responsibility…not control.


If you’d like to know more about VetPharm’s unique and comprehensive study management system, current clinical trial opportunities, employment opportunities, or to discuss the conduct of a specific clinical trial, please send us a message.

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