Data Management for Veterinary Clinical Trials

VetPharm combines results-focused planning and execution with leading-edge technology to ensure complete, accurate, and timely data management. Frequent and transparent communication with sponsor project teams throughout study development and implementation preserves sponsor control of key parameters and ensures organized and efficient study databases.

  • Case Report Form (CRF) design, development, and tracking
  • Clinical database development and validation
  • Data management plan development
  • Automated edit checks
  • Case report form review and query resolution
  • Data cleaning and reconciliation
  • Coordination of electronic data transfers from third parties (e.g., central laboratories)

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

VetPharm was an early proponent of electronic data capture and all of our study team members have developed a strong working knowledge of various EDC systems through our experience in numerous trials that collected data electronically. We firmly believe that EDC enhances data quality, improves site performance, shortens study timelines, gives sponsors greater control over all aspects of their studies, and lowers overall study costs.