The VetPharm Advantage

VetPharm’s service advantage lies in its comprehensive approach to clinical trial support – a format unique in veterinary research. Central elements of this approach were adapted from procedures proven in human clinical testing at a major university medical center and then translated into a “one-stop shopping” veterinary clinical trial management service.

Five key factors make VetPharm the cost-effective choice:

1. Exclusive Dedication to the Veterinary Industry

VetPharm is the leading organization of its kind dedicated solely to the animal health industry. We do no testing of human products nor do we engage in any other research activities. VetPharm’s entire organization is structured to serve the special requirements of animal health studies and is clearly focused on our sponsor’s critical timelines.

2. Skilled, Experienced Investigators

VetPharm offers sponsors an exclusive consortium of private-practice and university-affiliated veterinarians with significant clinical testing experience. Included among our affiliates are board-certified specialists in all major disciplines. We prequalify each of our investigators through rigorous evaluation of their training, clinical trials experience, areas of specialty and/or interest, staff availability, facilities and equipment, and general attitude. VetPharm’s consortium provides study sponsors with a ready and consistent supply of highly-qualified and experienced veterinarians. One call to VetPharm solves all recruiting problems.

3. Field Monitors Support Every Investigator

VetPharm assigns one of its own specially-trained, experienced field monitors to assist each study investigator. This liaison minimizes a study’s impact on the investigator’s regular practice activities. It also enhances site performance, improves protocol compliance, and assures complete and accurate data.

4. Master Contract Format

VetPharm provides its services under a single master contract. This format relieves study sponsors of virtually all administrative burdens, streamlines all study communications, and centralizes accountability at VetPharm.

5. Complete Downstream Services

VetPharm offers a full menu of downstream services including protocol design, data form design and testing, data management, biostatistical analysis, medical report writing, and regulatory support.

These five factors are the foundation of VetPharm’s leading-edge performance. They also set a new standard of excellence in the veterinary testing industry. So, for better data, delivered on time and within budget, call VetPharm!

If you’d like to know more about VetPharm’s unique study management system, current clinical trial opportunities, or to discuss the conduct of a specific clinical trial, please send us a message.

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